My wife’s love language is Lego

Tuesday, February 11, 2020
I was headed up to the city today for a noon meeting and the weather and roads were pretty nasty. 10 cms of snow falling this morning. But I made it in with only a few white knuckles.

Lauralea has been hinting a bit about a new LEGO set she has seen. She has always loved LEGO and when the kids were younger she’d be right in there with them making epic structures. Now the kids are gone and we have some extra money. So once in a while I get her a big deal project. A church or the Simpsons house, or a street of houses and she will be busy with that for hours.

(She’s much more gracious than I am and when any little people from the community come by, they want to see her LEGO. She let’s them play even to the point of breaking the creations. She reminds me it’s a toy and they are playing.)

But it dawned on me that this week is Valentine’s Day and if you put that and LEGO together you have love shared.

So I stopped by the mall and they had it in stock. I got her the old bookstore and Victorian house.

The surprise was lost though as her name is registered with LEGO and she gets an email congratulating her on her purchase. She was waiting with big eyes.

Love is still love even if it is celebrated a few days early, and with LEGO.

Happy Valentine’s Day.

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