Because can there ever be too many radios?

Tuesday, March 03, 2020

Well, mostly a day off anyway. (With more ways to contact me, I get more contacts. Phone, txt, email, messenger, direct message, etc.)

So anyway, we stayed at home today and I played radio. I’ve got a little collection of radios because honestly, there’s always room for one more radio. They all behave differently but they all do the amazing work of turning radio waves into audio. Waves that are all around us and can only be heard with the power of a radio. Yup pretty amazing.

With my Amateur Radio station, I can shoot radio waves around the earth or bounce them off the moon and back again. I can talk to satellites or be in the middle of no place with no cell coverage and call for help or a chat. All from a station that I made myself. Like I said, it’s all very mind blowing.
While most people don't really get it, there are some who do. For me, they are the fun ones to hang around with.

So when I get some free time, I love to play radio. Even after all these years it’s still just a miracle how it all works.

Randall VE6VOR


  1. Can you ever have too many (insert name of fascinating object here)? The correct number is always n+1.


    It might be fun to build a valve radio some time, just because.

    1. guitars? ;)

      You're my hero.

      Yes I'm thinking of getting a tube radio and learning up a steep curve.

  2. Just think - one of those radios has been at my house! Do I see an Eton Mini on your shelf? Do you like it? I’ve thought about getting another one when I’ve seen them on sale.

    1. Yep, one of those radios came from your place, and it lives a full life here in my shack.

      The Eaton Mini, well if you can get a good sale, as I did, then maybe. But its a pretty rudimentary radio. I know you have much better ones, but it can be good for a bit of fun.


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