What’s true for you?

Thursday, March 12, 2020

The whole world seems to be falling apart these days. Virus, stocks, oil prices, grain prices, my goodness. I wonder if the real virus isn’t the fear that is driving so many people.

Oddly it seems that people have fixated on toilet paper to fix things. That somehow TP will solve all the problems of a virus no less.

Mob mentality is a very powerful human dynamic. These days because of the speed of the internet and social media, a good mob can be built in mere hours. Fear rips through cultures and whole countries in a day. That’s faster than ever in the history of the world. For some of those reasons, we really don’t know how this ends.

But we need to fight the fear that drives us. We combat fear with truth. What is the truth that we know. We reject the lies that we hear, and rather choose the truth. For previous generations, what was written down was true. For today's generations, whatever I think is true, is true. Neither are right.

But isn’t it interesting that at the exact moment in time that we need truth in our society to help us fight the lies, there is less and less room for truth. From our leaders to our media, from our schools to our work, what is truth anymore? Truth is manipulated to accomplish an agenda. “It’s true if I say it is,” yet we all know that isn’t true.

Sorry, I’m getting a little preachy.

My pic today is my love, Lauralea. What we share is true, is real. Through the challenges of life, the ups and downs. Truth. And Jesus is Truth to me as well. He said that He is the way, the truth, and the life. That's what I've experienced from him, and with him.

We were in town together. Her going to a doctors appointment. Me visiting an elderly shut in. I took this just before we went for some supper, Wendy’s burgers for the win. (I know, big spender!)

Hang on to the truth or the Truth that you know.


  1. "Sorry, I’m getting a little preachy. "

    Sounded good to me.

    IIRC I used to rant a little about post-modernism. If a fault of modern thinking was that there was always an answer to everything, then this is the fault of POMO thinking - an inability to tell truth from imagination and wishful thinking.

    Hope you guys are keeping well - if I know you, you'll be out visiting the sick and caring for your community, even though you're probably one of the most vulnerable people I know and care for. :P

    We've had conversations here at home recently triggered by friends who are very much of the 'God will protect, so you have nothing to fear' persuasion. As Chris eloquently observed, Jesus said "in this world you will have trouble".

    It's good to find truth and hang on to it.


    1. Yes the topic of truth deserves a good sit down chat and a drink or two, and we might be able to solve a problem or two. :)

      The past two days have been incredibly stressful and long as we have been trying to make the needed decision to close the church public meetings for who know how long. Now it means trying to help the group process that and what exactly is happening to our world.

      Ah that Chris, I could just hear her say that too. That's brilliant.

      You take care of each other.


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