Tuesday, March 17, 2020

When toilet paper was gold

Canada and especially the province of Alberta are beginning to clamp down pretty strongly now. Schools are closed, community activities are shut down, and churches are strongly encouraged to close. Starbucks, Tim Hortons and McDonalds are only open for drive through now.

Any fever or runny nose and you’re in your home for two weeks. All returning travelers are expected to go stay home for two weeks.

But we haven’t been asked to remain at home full time yet. So Lauralea and I headed out to get some supplies and fresh air.

At the large store we went to, I was walking down one aisle and the doors to the stock room suddenly opened. It seemed like slow motion but out came two men pulling a pallet of TOILET PAPER! We haven’t seen that stuff in stores for over weeks.

I was the only one near them realizing just what it was they were taking out to the aisle. So I turned and began to follow behind them.

Then, in what may be a uniquely Canadian response, people around us began to realize what was being brought out. Then they, in turn, began to join the line forming behind me, following in procession.

We followed behind, the line growing a bit more, until they parked the pallet. We waited while they got the plastic off and then thanked us for waiting. I stepped up and took one pack as the limit was one, and the line behind me did the same.

What an odd time this is.


  1. Things are like that here too, except that it's been enormously less polite and well ordered than the final scene you describe. :-(


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