I've just gotten married.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008
After a long time of having separate profiles on Facebook, Lauralea has invited me to marry her. Finally.

Of course this big news shoots through the underbelly of facebook like a grassfire, and I've been receiving many congratulations and notes of support, for which I am grateful.

I just think it's good that we could be married before our daughter is.


  1. Meanwhile, I was thinking... what if he rejects this invitation?! How do we explain THAT to the children...

  2. LOL...you guys are too funny!!

  3. You guys are SOOOO hip and cool. Not married?? How cool is that!!!!

  4. I suppose I can start calling her "My Partner."

    much better than "The wife" any day.

    We are cool.

  5. I wonder if I ask someone...anyone to marry me on facebook, what they will say....


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