Anthony Bourdain dead at 61

Friday, June 08, 2018
I got up this morning getting ready for the day, looking at the morning news and reading that Anthony Bourdain has taken his own life.

The day stops, abruptly. I am shocked, then saddened.

I respected how he seemed to care deeply for the worlds people, especially the marginalized, the broken, the lost.  Maybe he saw something of his own heart in them. I don't know.  I respected that he communicated fairly honestly about how he saw the world and its troubles. I think that was what I liked about his shows and writing the most. His love for people, for community, and his blunt honesty.

I don't know how honest he was with this internal struggle of the heart. Honest with his friends, with himself. I don't know these things.  But I am sad this morning because of this loss. The world will be less than because of it.

And As I sit down at my computer to get some work done, Adagio In G Minor begins to play on my iTunes.  Perfect for this day, for this loss.

Maybe its a good time to remember, if you are struggling with internal fears and challenges that threaten to take you down this same road, before you take such a permanent step, reach out to someone. Share your struggle. The future can be so much better.

Peace to his memory.


  1. It's curious how the death of someone we never met (assuming that's so in this case) can completely throw our emotions and thoughts for time time. I knew nothing about him (and wikipedia doesn't sell him to me either) but he obviously meant something to you. In a way, it's quite a testament to affect people who only ever say you through someone else's camera.


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