Vacation. Day Two. (...and three)

Thursday, October 11, 2012
Well day two turned out to be cold and snowy and windy so what better thing to do than to head to the big city for some errands.

That ended up looking like getting a picture frame at Ikea and since we were there we stopped for lunch, which upon reflection, meant that Lauralea would eat another salad and a cold dead piece of chicken. Again.

I dropped her at Old Navy so she could pick up some smaller jeans and I went to Walmart to get socks and candy, (I remembered my list by humming the tune to "Sex and Candy"). Candy for Johanna who can't seem to find sour soothers in the great American hinterland.  Socks for me.

Then to a mall for a few quick errands and then head for home.
Of course that trip home included a few groceries at Safeway and a quick supper at the McDonalds.

That's a big day out there you know. And today was similar in weather and errands, except we only went as far as town today.  Oil change, post office, bank, groceries for three weeks for the boy and girl,  and another tank of petrol. Then home to frame a picture, phone calls to return, letters written, supper, and now laundry and packing for a trip.

I don't know if its worth all this work just to have a vacation.


Vacation. Day One

Tuesday, October 09, 2012
Well I had been putting off the removal of a half dead bush all summer long and today was the time to get it cut down to the ground so it can come back next year.
Turned into quite a undertaking and with my hand saw I was going to be there all day. So I tried out a very old, half dead circular saw. Crazy thing saved me tons of time.
After I had cleared up the mess, we had a nice lunch while watching Bless Me Father, a favourite show of ours.
Then the afternoon was about windows washing and vacuuming the house. By supper I was hurting in places I hadn't felt in years. So not a bad start to the holidays. Lots of hard honest work done today, and I'm already in bed.
Tomorrow I think we are heading to the big city a bit, see what trouble we get into there.

Going for a rest, and watching for a lost soul

Saturday, October 06, 2012

Yes it's true that Herself and I went away to Banff for three days this week, but it is also true that that time away was more of a conference time, rather than an opportunity for my soul to catch up with me.  So after getting home late Wednesday and working on full speed a minute after we pulled up, it's probably fair to say that I've lost my soul somewhere along the way.


I can put a happy face there simply because of the fact that our yearly holiday begins next week. Tomorrow is a great, full Sunday, Thanksgiving, Communion, Child dedication, and then after that, we will engage with our vacation time, and that is smile worthy.

Rest is a word Lauralea has been exploring lately, and I need to take a lesson or two. Rest is an often misunderstood word and we may think its about sleep or not working or a few other things. But I need to play again and sleep again and pray again and be with people I love and miss again and again. So if that is rest, then that's where I am headed.

This past year has been considerably intense and my work has grown, possibly to the detriment of some of the more important things that I need to be doing. I'll also be taking some time for reflection and review of the things I do and what I need to leave behind, so that I can do the important things.

But before I get too busy planning an intense holiday, I'd better just get on with it.

My goal is that my soul looks as refreshing and inviting as that picture of the houseboat on the river.
Looks right restful.


And so we were in Banff and we sat in the cold wind and snow drinking hot coffee...

Thursday, October 04, 2012
Because what else would make her happy?

More pics.
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