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Thomas Merton, on the date of his birth

State of the Union

September 1, 2028

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Four Things

Online TV

Change. Takes Time.

Nouwen on being wounded

What's that you say? He seems a little STIFF?


Nouwen on Receiving Forgiveness

How to tick people off

Intestinal fortitude

Did you ever...

Just as an aside

I'm gonna have to start a Subject category just for health.

No I said the BIG AD

The Election is looming. pt. 2

The Election is looming

The stuff does pile up, doesn't it?

If you're waiting for an email....

Hmm, maybe it's time to go back to school

So, good night, and pleasant dreams...

Things you probably didn't know. ...or want to know.

Annual Report 05 ver. 20,469,843. Otherwise known as The New Brown

My spin on things Postmodern and Emergent

Nouwen on living daily

Overheard at the gas station this morning...

remember colour?

Upon my first day of work in 2006

Agathon on Prayer

140 paintballs...

File under bizarre pastoral behaviour

"Well you know my name is simon, and the things I draw come true..."

Holidays take work

The Number One Hit on my birth day was...

Starting 2006 with Worship