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Witchcraft, I'm sure of it

Well, the week ends with a bit more hope than it began

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How Not to Wake me up in the Morning

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Autumn in Prince Albert

Well, I am about to attempt something I have not tried in many many years

Me this morning upon leaving my house at 6 am

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"Would you believe..." he's dead?

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Goodnight My Angel

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Definition of sad



Night of prayer

Getting knocked around a bit?

Today is about prayer

What. A. Game.

Obviously, God likes green and white and eleven year old boys


Bono writes of his dad:


Some days were just made for Tea

The Soul

Calling Doctor Bob...

Link for a bad day

um, welcome,

Don Juan, and a lazy monday afternoon.

"Let Katrina have a purifying effect"

I've been waiting all summer for this!

Marriage: The best of times, the worst of times.

Goodbye. I hope you have a great life.


Carmen Gia Heaven

How to help New Orleans today turns One year old today

Lawyers are people too.

Lauralea is on a first name basis with the Salvation Army pickup men

Another one enters the kingdom ...of blogging

On Call pastor