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If this isn't pastoral care...

Evening Prayers

Thank You...

In a few moments I go in to conduct a funeral

Where have YOU been?

A friend is gone.

If you are familiar with the group ABBA

As long as we are kicking planets out of the Solar System, why don't we do something about Uranus?

Taize Service

New family dynamics lead to new family communications.

I'm Back in the Saddle again...

An Update on the Locals

So this is what it feels like ...

Here we go again.

To everything, turn, turn, turn,

Getting Google eyed. Updated. Again.

and, she's gone.

Switzerland, here we go

Only in Saskatchewan

Holidays, Day before we go home.


Holidays, Day Five.

Holidays, Day Three.

Holidays, Day Two.

Holidays, Day one.

Finally, coming to a house near you

It"s my birthday today.

Chicago, by sight

Music Mashups

And now for something completely different.

More on Solitude

This Day In History

Russian Quote

"A change is as good as a rest to a blind man."

What's on your radio?