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Good medicine

The Discipline of silence.


Sausage Trivia

The Bourne Supremacy

another one bites the dust

Mmmmmm, Drinkable Doonnuuttss

Sing baby sing!

Now, where did I last see my soul...

Imagine if you will

Virtual meets reality

Prayin for the Covenant Bible College

Some days...

On the river

We now return you...

Then came the rain

More of the same

on call, again this week.

Shades of Grey

The Great Northern RiverFest

That's Odd... Update: Really Odd

Dust in the Wind

That's gonna leave a mark...

Missed a meeting tonight

The Important Stuff

The Return of the King

A perfect summer evening.

On Call

Of Goodness and shadows

Antoine de Saint Exupery said:

Got some pics up from Minneapolis.

Life in my crib...

Get this.

The Yoke's on me