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Welcome to 2006

Nouwen on letting go of old hurts

Hold that Thought...

Glory of God in the Highest

How I spent my day off

O'Shea's Irish Pub, Thursday night at 7

God Bless us, everyone.

Kissing season is upon us. What kind are you?

Well, I suppose it's all done now

Charles Dickens on Christmas

So, I think He's got it figured out

Open House 2005 - Friesenpaloozia in Saskatoon

'Twas much ...

Joel Friesen

Yes, That Dave Balon

Opera 8.51 more love.

You are wondering where I am these days


An amazing day in Radio

And what do you want for Christmas little girl?

It's good.

This pastor is too pooped to party anymore.

FriesenCam 2005

Love the Technology

3183 Boxes

I Like the other Winter better

5100 Boxes

Open House 2005

3 am, Still Awake.

5 am, Wide Awake.

This weather break brought to you by...

Holy pants Batman

Seven Things

Today I went to a funeral

I wanna go home.

If I were a Book, I'd be...

...remember those in prison.

Feast day of St. Nicholas of Myra

Thick fuzzy head

Celebrating the Season

c o l d, s o c o l d

What kind of question is "Do you kiss girls?"

Corrie Ten Boom on being loved