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Secrets in the Dark, A Life In Sermons - Fredrick Buechner

The Ertls have landed

Breathe Deeply

The Day

Reuben Thomas Friesen

To say I am exhausted would be a complete understatement.

Friesen, Reuben

Reuben T. Friesen January 25, 1942, 7:00am - June 24, 2006, 9:40am

Grad 2006. The Grand March.

Well, this day of Graduation continues to roll on.

Dying Sucks.

It's 3:20 am

Happy Grad Hillary

Graduation 2.0

Ever just wanna dig a deep hole?


Google Earth 4 Beta

Brooding: persistently or morbidly thoughtful

The Future is here. Nearly.

Happy Father's Day to me

Happy Father's Day

P.A. Street Fair

Girls are evil??

Lions 45, Roughriders 28

Thunderclouds and Peace

Henri Nouwen on love

Radio 2006

Pregnant !!!

Harry Lehotsky

Oilers 4, Hurricanes 3.

Us 1. Crows 0.

MediaPlayer 11

Do what you can, while you can.

Nearing the Destination

I smell burnt toast...

Board Meetings

The World Cup ...


Going and coming

Prospective Marauders ease into fundamentals as art

It's Friday, but Sunday's comin...