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Just when you think party season is over...

Exploring Postmodernism

My people, still doin it in New York

Wish I were there

It's 9:54 and I am hungry for Mexican food.

College Life 101

Sacred Pathways Assessment

Prince Albert: Some Stats


G. P. Taylor: Sin, Salvation and Shadowmancer

How to stop drug based violence in your town?

Nope no photoshop here.

Hospital Closed to Public

Jordon's busy...

Kara Powell on pastors

Wanted: One most excellent guitar player...

It's raining

Overheard in our dealing with loss class

Today we went to a wedding out in the country.

Happy Birthday Hillary Jane


Standin on the corner watchin all the gir...

The Camera doesn't lie?

Eugene Peterson on living transparent lives

You may have noticed some changes


Autumn in Prince Albert

Hanging out in Hospitals

North Park Fight Song


Tonight we went for a walk

On Call

It's a cool one out there tonight people

Right of passage


I'm not ready for this

A Rose, Pt. Deux

Nouwen on Remaining Faithful

A "Room to think" day.

On the Edge of Lost

University help wanted. (UPDATED LIST)

Nine Eleven

Down the drain

Christopher Lake

Thoughts on a Saturday morning.

Eugene Peterson on being a relevant Pastor

September Moon

Some things never change.

A New Day in Education

Psalm 19. Just Because.

A Single Rose


"For ten points, on this day in 1962..."