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This week on Twitter 2009-07-01

This week on Twitter 2009-07-01

"It hasn't been this bad in 30 years."

Talking about who is the older son

Summer Storm

American Goldfinch

Costco lunch

I think I need some unseling

The King is Dead

The morning at a home for kids

June 24 will always be a little different

Thomas taking out the trash

Three years ago this morning.

This week on Twitter 2009-06-24

the things you see.

Signs Your Amish Teen is in Trouble

It's good to remember...

Just nothing.

Happy Fathers Day to me

I know some folks who have home like this.

I wonder if God is shaken?

Babies are great. Usually.

June 19, 2009 The Field 360

Eugene peterson quoting Bonhoeffer

Let it Rain (Or print, I'm not picky)

Pouring the floors today

This week on Twitter 2009-06-17

This week on Twitter 2009-06-17

In this field the mountains are big

Big storm blowing through. Wish it would rain.

Church Picnic Sunday

At camp for the morning service today.

Tehran is burning

of headstones and gardens, deer and chores, and rain.

On this Day in History

And so it was

The party continues.

At Micahs grade 9 grad banquet.

Never know where you might end up

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Fools Overture

This week on Twitter 2009-06-10

This week on Twitter 2009-06-10

Praying the land

Talking about milestones in life

Mystical Cows

Micah and I getting some supper

Driving out to camp for a board meeting

Wehrlos und Verlassen

Balance. Tires and People.

I hear a cow call your name...

Big fire in Wetaskiwin

This week on Twitter 2009-06-03

And after a day and evening of work, I'm done.

Amanda Falk in concert this Friday in Saskatoon

For those who eat out in Prince Albert. (...and other Saskatchewan-ites)