This week on Twitter 2009-07-01

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

  • Three years ago this morning. #

  • Thomas taking out the trash #

  • I'm beneath the quilt in bed tonight staying warm. The windows are open and it's only +7 C out there. In June no less. #

  • I think I need some unseling #

  • I just watched Wit. Such a sad movie. Sadder mostly because it was so real. Thats usually how it goes. #

  • Watching Top Gear tonight. What a great show & now I can watch it on BBC 2. #

  • At costco for the first time. This place is freakin crazy. I want the field. #

  • Costco lunch #

  • Still at west ed mall. Tired feet but we found the full set of Father Ted. Now home to watch, with chinese food. #

  • Gross day. Threw up last night. I haven't done that since forever. #

  • The coyotes are howling up a storm out there tonight. Feels like Autumn. #


This week on Twitter 2009-07-01

  • Three years ago this morning. #

  • Thomas taking out the trash #

  • I'm beneath the quilt in bed tonight staying warm. The windows are open and it's only +7 C out there. In June no less. #

  • I think I need some unseling #

  • I just watched Wit. Such a sad movie. Sadder mostly because it was so real. Thats usually how it goes. #

  • Watching Top Gear tonight. What a great show & now I can watch it on BBC 2. #

  • At costco for the first time. This place is freakin crazy. I want the field. #

  • Costco lunch #

  • Still at west ed mall. Tired feet but we found the full set of Father Ted. Now home to watch, with chinese food. #

  • Gross day. Threw up last night. I haven't done that since forever. #

  • The coyotes are howling up a storm out there tonight. Feels like Autumn. #


"It hasn't been this bad in 30 years."

I've heard that from a couple of different farmers in the past three weeks, and I gotta say by the kinds of stories I'm hearing, I believe it.

Since we've been here we've not seen more that an inch of rain fall on any given day. Our grass is brown and burnt to a crisp, especially when you step on it. The small garden we planted has yet to show any signs of life, even after watering it regularly. The locals are saying they haven't seen a good soaking since they can't remember when, let alone two or three solid days of drizzle.

This year started off great and much of the seeding was done early. Just as the seeds were germinating and coming through, we got a killer frost which set them back. Then as they started to come through again, there was no water to get them going. The fields look unlike anything I've ever seen before, some are even bare with just a few patches of green in the low spots. Some of the fields have stunted crops because of the lack of rain, and they won't produce enough to harvest.

In short, it's getting bad. 30 years bad.

Because the grass isn't growing and the crops are failing, the cattle farms are in trouble. One farmer here was down to no feed, but was able to make arrangements at the last minute to move his cattle to a neighbours empty field, provided he put up fences. He was desperate so he did. Another friend had to sell a bunch of cattle because there was no feed, so they sold at a loss. Because everyone is in the same position, the value of cattle is dropping in price, and the farmers are losing what they invested in the cattle this winter. The same farmer has enough feed for the rest of his cattle to last three weeks. Plenty of the area farmers are in the same kind of hurt. You want to know we are praying hard around here.

One local farmer had to dig a 20ft deep trench for utility purposes, and all the way down, it was dust dry dirt. Amazingly there was no moisture.

Another elderly farmer was telling me that even his garden potatoes are not coming up. He said that in the dirty thirties at least the potatoes would grow. That's what fed them through those dark days. But not this year.

Even if it rains now, it's too little and too late for this year. The grain farmers are hurting, the cattle farmers are hurting. The hog farmers have been hurting and going out of business for a couple of years now, and the turkey farmers will have to purchase feed this winter. There will be a bit of help through insurance for the grain farmers, but that just covers the cost of getting the crop in the ground. It doesn't cover living expenses etc. But even the farm gardens aren't producing. They often can be depended on to help through the long winters, but this winter might be longer than usual.

And so we have much to pray for here, and we are praying.

Given the situation, I am often surprised by the optimism of many of the farmers around here. They continue to get up and go to the fields, doing what they can to coax a little crop along, day by day. It's all new to me, so I keep asking questions of them, learning as I go. In a way I feel a twinge of responsibility being the local "Man of God" guy around here. Why didn't God send the rain when it was needed? Why will this winter be so hard on some of these farmers? And so on. So I keep asking God those same requests. I keep asking him to send the rain on the just and on the unjust, just like it says he will do. And I keep being grateful for the simple things I have. Food, shelter, transportation, and a chance to serve him out here in The Field.

Talking about who is the older son

A couple of Sundays ago I was talking about what it meant to be the older son, when the younger son comes back home after partying his life away.

Sometimes we as a church need to be more like the father than the elder son.

Listen here.

Summer Storm


Last night the clouds rolled in and things got a bit crazy.

The clouds began swirling and a few fingers tried to bend down to the earth but thankfully they kept moving east.

I couldn't find the camera so I used my phone.

Here are a few shots of the storm.

Then, after the big deal, came the rain.
Sweet sweet rain.

American Goldfinch

Two of these American Gold Finches landed on our windowsill this morning, a male and female.
There they sat for nearly five minutes, clinging to the ledge, chatting one another up a bit.

They were beauties.


Costco lunch

Monday, June 29, 2009

Not bad for 7 bucks.

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I think I need some unseling

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Either that or I have classic male pms symptoms.

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Friday, June 26, 2009
Finally some of the current media systems are starting to get it right. has become quite a landing place for video and tonight I was able to use it for the first time. Not only do they have, on demand, some of the current television offerings, but they also host old shows like Barney Miller, Bewitched, and what I watched tonight, The Partridge Family. The one where Danny thinks he is adopted.

Sadly only people in America are allowed to view anything on hulu, due to copyright yada yada bla bla bla crap.

For the creative type, there are ways around that.
Tonight I was feeling creative.


If CBC could get that idea going in Canada and the networks find solutions to the copyright laws that bung up the system, they might start making a bit of cash again. IF they were open to new ideas and ways to make money.

Tomorrow maybe some BBC2 television perhaps.

The King is Dead

I heard the news while I was on the road yesterday on a long drive back to the field. The local station was mentioning the possibility of it but it was only a rumor. I quickly fired up my phone and got WCBS NEWS and they were reporting that the self proclaimed king of Pop, Michael Jackson, was indeed dead.

The only thing that shocked me more than that news of his death, was the news of his age. He was 50.

I've been rolling it around in my head as reports of grieving fans and supporters rolls around the earth, each new time zone waking up and eliciting a response of pain. You know, in some ways he was the king. A King.

Who else's death would create a similar wave of grief across the world? Would a politicians demise or the death of a sitting ruler? I don't think so. How about a scientist or an author, or a race car driver? Same worldwide effect? None that I can think of.

Our kings and queens have changed quite a bit over the years. We've shifted from having political rulers as our kings, to crowning our artists to be our kings and queens. Which seems to be the way people go, isn't it? I mean a while ago I read a quote that said "Artists are the prophets to this generation." Think U2 and Sir Paul, and even individuals like Madonna. They speak to these generations of the needs of life be it in me or in Africa. Perhaps the next step is that artists are the Kings and Queens to this generation. I mean it's happened before right?

Prophets are never enough, besides they get noisy and rub the wrong way. What we want is a king, to tell us what to think, what to do, how to dress, how to behave. I think in more ways than we care to admit, Michael Jackson was a king.

It helps us to be reminded that these kings are mere mortals.
And so we recognize that indeed, the king is dead.

The morning at a home for kids

Thursday, June 25, 2009
Spent the morning connecting with and eating the banana and chocolate chip muffins and coffee of Mike who works at the Bethany Homes for Children.

It was a cool time to see what God's been doing for kids out there for many years, and now their vision is shifting to more of a family approach where families can go for 6 months or a year to learn how to be a family, together. That should help with the separation trauma that sometimes effects the kids when they have to move away from their parents for a long time.

Anyway, Mike showed me around and shared the story of the place.

We will have to watch for opportunities to be a blessing to them out there. Our neighbours.

June 24 will always be a little different

Wednesday, June 24, 2009
Really strange day today.
In the morning I kept busy at a ministerial prayer time in town and then I figured a good way to deal with the strange sadness that seemed nearby was to go and visit some elderly ladies and listen again to the stories of their lives.

It was a really good thing to do. But as I drove home from town at lunch, I was feeling completely exhausted, even hard to keep my eyes open while I drove. Probably just the emotions of the day.

So it's been a day of just being off my stride just a touch. And exhausted as well.

But it was three years ago that dad died suddenly. Three years ago, 9:38 in the morning on the way to Hillary's grad, I got the call walking up to the school. What a long, difficult day.

I miss him for more reasons than I care to explore here tonight.

But I'm glad for a good memory of him, and I'm glad that on June 24 I can recall that it was good to have him as my dad.


Thomas taking out the trash

Is that tractor big or green enough?

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Three years ago this morning.

Details of the day play over in my mind, like a movie on half speed.

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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

  • Pouring the floors today #

  • Being in board meetings again with people you've fought in the trenches with is odd yet comforting. Kind of brothers in arms. #

  • I know some folks who have home like this. #

  • Watching Miss. Potter and we are to the part where she visits the lake district and I'm thinking about my friend who lives there. #

  • Hmm, 12:36 am. Happy Fathers Day to me. #

  • Happy Fathers Day to me #

  • I hate it when my day off sucks. #

  • Its a day late, blame youtube, but Michael Schumacher IS THE STIG?!?! #

  • Home to get some lunch, and maybe a short nap. Got a long day to go yet. #


the things you see.

Apparently the eldest son was mooning the younger son which caused him to grab the straw broom and aim directly at the offending lunar eclipse. This caused the elder offender to grab a tea towel and started to chase the younger son, snapping at him, and they took the chase outside. Which was where I found them when I pulled up after an evening meeting. The younger Friesen running for his life, being chased by the elder Friesen, snapping a towel with one hand and holding his pants up with his other.

To their credit, when they began to describe the evenings events to me, they couldn't finish because they were, we were all laughing too hard.

Signs Your Amish Teen is in Trouble

On Sunday someone with a good sense of humor in the church passed this list on to me.

It's been around the Internet before, but it made me smile. One because it was funny and two because it reminded me of the Amish people I used to work with who would come into the Canadian Tire store I worked at and they would come looking for me because I could speak a little low german. Individually they were fun and occasionally liked to live life a little on the edge, but when there were two or three of them, then it was all black hats and socks.


Anyway, Signs Your Amish Teen is in Trouble:

Sometimes stays in bed till after 6am.
In his sock drawer, you find pictures of women without bonnets.
When you criticize him, he yells, "Thou suck!"
Defiantly says, "If I had a radio, I'd listen to rap."
You come upon his secret stash of colorful socks.
Uses slang expression: "Talk to the hand, cause the beard ain't listening."
Was recently pulled over for "driving under the influence of cottage cheese."
He's wearing his big black hat backwards

It's good to remember...

that this here internet thing is just a series of ones and Os.

Geoff Smith.


Just nothing.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Happy Fathers Day to me

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Heading home after a good full Sunday morning.

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I know some folks who have home like this.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Just hunting for treasure.

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I wonder if God is shaken?

Last night, from a rooftop in Tehran, a woman's single voice asks the tough questions.

If you are a pray-er, then pray.

Babies are great. Usually.

You know, there are now four babies due to be born in this church in the field and I've kinda gotten caught up in the excitement and all and I've been thinking we have space in the house and well one of us has a spare uterus that's free and well maybe it's time to consider having a fifth child...

I mean just look at this twerp...

Makes me smile just looking at her.

She's one of a pair of kids that we will be dedicating to God tomorrow and asking his blessing upon.

... it's just made me think is all.

June 19, 2009 The Field 360

Friday, June 19, 2009

Eugene peterson quoting Bonhoeffer

"The happy result of a theological understanding of people as sinners is that the pastor is saved from continual surprise that they are in fact sinners. It enables us to heed Bonhoeffer's admonition: 'A pastor should not complain about his congregation, certainly never to other people, but also not to God. A congregation has not been entrusted to him in order that he should become its accuser before God and men."

- Eugene Peterson, The Contemplative Pastor

Let it Rain (Or print, I'm not picky)

Thursday, June 18, 2009
I'm up and in the office well before 8 am this morning because;

A.) It's gloriously overcast and gently raining out here in the field today, and the Lord knows I'm grateful for the rain.

B.) Yesterday was a day of complete frustration and hard work. Like I told one farmer, it was like I was ready to seed all day and when I went out to begin, the seeder broke down and I couldn't get it going again all day. I worked on IT stuff here all day, even till 12:30 this morning and simply put, My MacBook stopped printing. These Apples do a lot of things really well, but printing ain't one of them.

C.) I have a conference Board meeting this afternoon and evening so I need to prep for that, as well as for Sunday. Father's Day and two child dedications, and I still can't print.

But I will keep my hope on the cloudy skies this morning. It's already stopped raining out there and the skies are clearing, but one can continue to hope.
Be it for rain or for the ability to print.

Pouring the floors today

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Thomas' work today.

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This week on Twitter 2009-06-17

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

  • Laying here for over an hour already and can't find sleep. Her beside me is long gone and sawing lots of lumber. #

  • A beautiful morning out here in the Field. Things are going to start getting really busy today so the nice weather is just a side story. #

  • At Micahs grade 9 grad banquet. #

  • The party continues. #

  • I need to get to bed. But first, some cereal! #

  • At camp for the morning service today. #

  • In the big city for errands and haircut and bras, though not for me. Well maybe... #

  • Big storm blowing through. Wish it would rain. #


This week on Twitter 2009-06-17

  • Laying here for over an hour already and can't find sleep. Her beside me is long gone and sawing lots of lumber. #

  • A beautiful morning out here in the Field. Things are going to start getting really busy today so the nice weather is just a side story. #

  • At Micahs grade 9 grad banquet. #

  • The party continues. #

  • I need to get to bed. But first, some cereal! #

  • At camp for the morning service today. #

  • In the big city for errands and haircut and bras, though not for me. Well maybe... #

  • Big storm blowing through. Wish it would rain. #


In this field the mountains are big

Life and the rhythm of life continues to grow on me here in The Field. I am finding my way among the challenges of life here, be it the distances that need to be traveled on the highways or the distances between new friends, it is coming together here for me. As always is the case for me in new situations I am quiet and observant and to tell you the truth, I don't always trust my instincts. I second guess myself and am careful to observe and consider my reactions carefully, not completely trusting that I know what I'm doing, I suppose.

But each day I learn a little more about the Field People. There is a strong community sense here in this area that seems to direct everything, from the schools to the community halls or churches or whatever. If the people want something, they get it. Maybe it's because they have a strong sense of their own presence here for a long long time, maybe it's just an Alberta thing, but they get what they want, as a group I mean. Not so much concerned about external rules, laws, or expectations brought in from the outside, they run their own show out here. It seems as though there is a subtle peer pressure not to buck whatever trend is happening, and if you do the potential is there to be passively or actively shunned I suppose.

It is interesting to observe these power motivators, these things that drive a community.

It's also interesting to see how that regional approach effects even a church. As those called out to be different in our motivations and actions, we as followers of Christ will occasionally appear different than others in our community. Are we good with that? Are we prepared to stand with the marginalized and act in love towards all, to even pray for those who may be out for our harm?

I'm watching this bunch even as they are watching me, looking for clues that will indicate loyalties. Not the kind of cliquish loyalties that bely insecurities or unforgotten pain, but rather the kinds of biblical/Christ like loyalties that are really hard to live out when you and your family have been a part of a community for a hundred years or more. Honestly some of these neighbours of mine have lived here and done church or not for a hundred years. The only thing that might give them enough of a chance to publicly express a change of heart or faith, will be an encounter with the living God. Because to stand in the face of a long history and change direction to move against the stream of a strong community is akin to moving mountains.

These are the mountains we face out here on the prairie.
Now my question, does God still move mountains?

Big storm blowing through. Wish it would rain.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Church Picnic Sunday

Sunday, June 14, 2009
Today we experienced our first church picnic in the Field. Or, more exactly, out at camp.
The young and old came from far and near and we worshiped, celebrated, ate bbq, enjoyed games and played "water sports" that yes, involved a fire truck with full tanks.

It was a blast. And here is the proof.
Check the pictures here.

Good party church.
Next sunday, father's day and I understand there will be meat.

At camp for the morning service today.


Tehran is burning

Saturday, June 13, 2009
The news organizations don't seem to be catching this in Iran today.

Check these images.

of headstones and gardens, deer and chores, and rain.

I was up and at it by eight this Saturday morning only because Micah had to get a ride to his summer job down the road on a farm. It seems he helps dig old grain, rebuild fences, lift huge tires, chase cows back behind their fences and general stuff like that. He is quite enjoying it, but today sounded like a road trip for him and the farmer because they went to a farm auction to buy some sort of older seeder I believe.

Yes, as I was saying up early and nothing to do at the house so I headed to the office for the morning and did some paperwork. The morning in the hot office was nicely broken up by a family that had come to lay a new stone in the cemetery and I was free to hear the story of great grand dad who, I believe, died in the 1920's and in need of some eternal recognition in stone. So I got them aimed in the correct direction and left them to their work, which was their desire.

The afternoon was about cleaning the house and chores and moving furniture about. We even got our garden in - well, Lauralea did that. We got half barrels and filled them with soil, so our garden consists of tomatoes, strawberries, and hot peppers. While working Thomas called my attention to two deer wandering through the yard. A mother deer (whatever the formal title for her might be) and her very little tiny just born one. The little one was still a bit wobbly on it's feet but mom led right past us, through the yard. Later on in the day I was walking the field here and heard some noise in the trees, I looked and saw the bigger deer standing there deep in the brush, watching my every move. They two may have found a resting place there in the trees. Cool.
Days like this help me feel more and more at home here.

The weather. Today was the warmest it's been yet this year and that was about 28C. We've had no real rain to speak of yet this year, and in the past week we've had a number of killer frosts which have played a mess with the gardens and grain farmers. The grass in front is so burnt that merely walking on it causes it to crunch and break, so it's getting to be a concern.
The rain causes the hay and grasses to grow, which in turn feed the cattle, but since it hasn't rained, the grass isn't growing and since the grass isn't growing, there is no feed for the cattle. The farmers only have days of feed left, and there isn't more around. They would sell the cattle but nobody has feed, so no one wants them and the price drops. Ten or eleven days and things could get really desperate around here.
Then there are the grain farmers who have been frozen out in some places already, and the tiny seedlings that struggled past the frost have nothing to drink. A report on the radio said that even if the rains came and were normal from here on out, the crop this year would be considerably less than the average year. Good thing many of these farmers are eternal optimists, but I am getting concerned for some of them. Could be a very tough summer. I'm praying, for rain.

Tomorrow is a full day around these parts, and we'll be traveling a good deal. Church is at camp and then later in the day we have an appointment in another town, so I best get some sleep.

Hope your Sunday is good and you can find your spirit at rest with some other like hearted people.

Blessings and good night.

On this Day in History

According to the BBC website, today was the day that the Edict of Milan was proclaimed. This edict cut some slack for the ongoing persecution of Christians, and one would presume from the edict itself, for others worshipping other gods as well. says:

The Edict of Milan was issued in 313 AD, in the names of the Roman Emperors Constantine I, who ruled the western parts of the Empire, and Licinius, who ruled the east. The two augusti were in Milan to celebrate the wedding of Constantine's sister with Licinius.

A previous edict of toleration had been recently issued by the emperor Galerius from Serdica and posted up at Nicomedia on 13, May 311. By its provisions, the Christians, who had "followed such a caprice and had fallen into such a folly that they would not obey the institutes of antiquity", were granted an indulgence.
Wherefore, for this our indulgence, they ought to pray to their God for our safety, for that of the republic, and for their own, that the commonwealth may continue uninjured on every side, and that they may be able to live securely in their homes.
By the Edict of Milan the meeting places and other properties which had been confiscated from the Christians and sold or granted out of the government treasury were to be returned:
...the same shall be restored to the Christians without payment or any claim of recompense and without any kind of fraud or deception...
It directed the provincial magistrates to execute this order at once with all energy, so that public order may be restored and the continuance of the Divine favor may "preserve and prosper our successes together with the good of the state."

I wonder how that made your local, every day christian feel.

And so it was

Friday, June 12, 2009
well just a little over the top, but Micah's grade nine farewell/grad was a nice affair.


And we as parents were at the gym for a while cleaning up.
Then everybody was welcomed to the church where we had offered to host the after grad. It was a good time by all accounts, and that party went on till a bit after 2am this morning.

I think Lauralea and I crawled into bed around three and that has really made this day a wash.

It was another good way to get to know this community and the spirit behind it. I saw some very interesting dynamics happening, and as we continue to get to know this place, that information will help.

Anyway, the family all looked good and we had some fun. A good night.

The party continues.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

At Micahs grade 9 grad banquet.


Never know where you might end up

I was searching for something on Google Maps and I double clicked on the map of the US, and it zoomed me right in to street view on some dirt road in Kansas. N Grace Hill Rd, Walton, KS to be exact.

My first thought was, what's a google truck doing out here at the end of the road taking pictures?

My second thought was how cool is this that I can click on a location, even in a field in Kansas, and check out the neighbours.
View Larger Map

Banner Image

Wednesday, June 10, 2009
Retro image time.

Taken by my cousin I believe, in Autumn of 1985 in La Crete Alberta, in the parking lot of the EMC Church there.

That is the skinny me, holding a fanbelt that had come off and Lauralea sitting in the car looking between the hood and body of the car, to see when I would say, "Ok, now!" Then she would turn the key a bit, advancing the belt enough for it to move back into it's place. Back then I could do all the engine work with just a flat-head screwdriver.


Those were the days. Just married, I was 140 pounds, and Lauralea sat in the middle of the bench seat, right next to me.

Wonder if there is a direct correlation somewhere in there.

Fools Overture

Fools Overture

History recalls how great the fall can be
While everybody's sleeping, the boats put out to sea
Borne on the wings of time
It seemed the answers were so easy to find
"To late," the prophets (profits) cry
The island's sinking, let's take to the sky

Called the man a fool, striped him of his pride
Everyone was laughing up until the day he died
And though the wound went deep
Still he's calling us out of our sleep
My friends, we're not alone
He waits in silence to lead us all home

So tell me that you find it hard to grow
Well I know, I know, I know
And you tell me that you've many seeds to sow
Well I know, I know, I know

Roger Hodgson, Rick Davies -Supertramp


This week on Twitter 2009-06-10

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

This week on Twitter 2009-06-10


Praying the land

The birds are walking with me.

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Talking about milestones in life

Sunday was a kind of grad Sunday as we worshipped out here in the field. So I talked about those mile-markers in our lives, the places where we are wise to stop and look back and see how God has led us.

It's a pretty unedited version of the talk so some of it might be caught in the visual.

Listen Here.

Mystical Cows

Mist covered cows on my way to early prayer this morning.

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Micah and I getting some supper

Sunday, June 07, 2009

After a long day, we're getting some food. Its going to be a long week.

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Driving out to camp for a board meeting

Saturday, June 06, 2009

Blues on the radio, coffee in hand. Beautiful day.

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Wehrlos und Verlassen

Friday, June 05, 2009
What with Lauralea gone for the weekend and the guys busy, I took the time tonight to do something I've been planning to do for a very long time.

I have an early 1980's recording of the Mennonite Concerto and on the album are nine old songs sung in german. While I enjoy the Concerto, the mennonite german songs take me to a place of fond memories. I put it on when I want to remember and smile about the olden days in the mid 80's when Lauralea taught at a Mennonite German Bible school and I worked as a lay minister in the church. 400 people, half of whom spoke low-german and half of whom spoke english.

Both Lauralea and I were in the church choir and we sang many of these songs. When I led the choir I often selected the songs I enjoyed singing. That's why this album takes me back. So tonight I rigged a recorder and recorded the album, split up the songs and mp3'ed them. The quality isn't amazing, but I know what they are singing, and sometimes the words come back to me and I sing along.

Anyway, here is one of my favourites, Wehrlos und Verlassen.

Click here to listen.

Balance. Tires and People.

Thursday, June 04, 2009
Today was and is a day of connecting with people. From early this morning in town for a couple of hours in an intensive meeting, for me anyway, to lunch hour or hours spent doing some hard work together, the day has been full.

And the work that was done today wasn't oppressive or difficult, it simply was intense and to a certain extent, deep. We covered much ground as we made progress and it was ground that we need to cover as we journey along in this field here.

So by three pm when I was ready to head home, I wasn't much in the mood to be surprised. I cam out and discovered a slow leak in a tire on the car, so I figured I'd stop in at a tire shop and see if they could do a quick fix. Didn't really want to be here in the field with a slow leaking tire and not compressor. You know how that goes. I knew the tires would need replacing soon, they were getting tired out, but it seemed that this one tire was done for, and would I like a replacement. Sigh.

I took two and spent twice as much as I've ever spent on any tire and had them install them on the back axle. So much of my work out here involves travel that I figured I should get them.

Anyway, fast forward to home, a 20 minute snooze, a quick bite to eat and I'm back at the office getting ready for a board meeting tonight.

People days like this are good, so good. Now I need to even that out with some non people time too. So far tomorrow looks clear. I'll catch up on some office work I think.

The meeting calls...

I hear a cow call your name...

The other morning it happened to her. Today I heard it too.

I woke up to the sounds of the kids or kid calling, "Moooooooooom, mooooom."
I thought, which kid is calling Lauralea, then through the haze it dawned on me, it was the cows in the neighbouring field calling for Lauralea.

I got woke up by cows. I can't say I ever saw that coming in my life.

Big fire in Wetaskiwin

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

This week on Twitter 2009-06-03

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

  • Too early today. Lots to do this week though. I just doze off when I sit down. Even my tweets are incoher #

  • Off to ministerial meeting in town for the morning. Maybe I'll make a new friend. #

  • Ok I'm all for freedom of footwear but you sandle wearers, can you please consider that we have to look at your messed up feet!! PLEASE!! #

  • Heading into the big city for some meetings today. #

  • Nice sunny day here. #

  • I am so dead tired that I had a nap before bed. Now I'm in bed. Night internets. #

  • Supper with the youth families #

  • Turning into a nice night #

  • Peace and good night #

  • Zion Strings Fiddle Concert #

  • Early morning prayer today with the guys. Sometimes good things take a bit of effort but have rich paybacks. This is one of those things. #

  • And after a day and evening of work, I'm done. #


And after a day and evening of work, I'm done.

Started at 5:30am and heading home now for a bit of rest.
This was what awaited me as I left my office tonight. That and silence.

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Amanda Falk in concert this Friday in Saskatoon

Amanda Falk ?

"2006 Juno Award winner and current GMA Canada Covenant Award-winning Female Vocalist of the Year, this classically trained pianist, vocalist, and self-proclaimed farm-girl is making fans coast to coast with her sincere song writing and penetrating lyrics. Amanda knows the issues that teens today are dealing with, and she wants to use her music to challenge her generation to be real. “I hope the honesty in my music can motivate young people to be honest with themselves and with God.” Amanda currently lives in Winnipeg, MB."

You can listen to a song, "Beautiful" here.

Another good example of her musical taste is linked here.

Amanda Falk in concert

Friday June 5, 2009, 7pm
Ebenezer Baptist Church - 107 McWille Ave. Saskatoon Sask.

Tickets: $10, $12 at the door
Available at: Ebenezer Baptist Church & Scott’s Parables Christian Book Store

Looks like it could be a good opportunity to take your wife or your daughter out on a date.

You do that right?
take your daughter out for an occasional date I mean.
...well, and your significant other too for that matter.

This Friday night.

For those who eat out in Prince Albert. (...and other Saskatchewan-ites)

Here, is the Government of Saskatchewan's Online Restaurant Inspection Information.

You can read up on your favourite restaurants latest inspection report.

I was a bit surprised by some of the reports. I guess having a fine dining establishment doesn't always mean everything is done by the book.

Other places didn't surprise me at all, except that I thought their reports would be much worse.

And the places I saw without any concerns?
The local soup kitchen, and the Zellers Family Restaurant.
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