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Full Circle - May 29 2010, The Field

Play a bit. Here.

Walking in a winter wonderland.

What a fun moment.

Field Trip Day

Waiting for Claire...

Working on a new Profile Pic.

Mr. Monochrome Man

A beautiful morning in The Field

Thankfully there are no smoke alarms in this kitchen

It's 5 am and I'm already at the office

Intimacy shared.

The night before a free day off

If her txt msgs are any indication, she's having a good time.

Now THIS is community

A weekend of carrying memories

Wieners, Fruit Loops, and Beans for supper

Memories of Brown


She is so love creative.

Come on rain. This way please.

Poem "The Sleepers" on a night when I am unable to sleep

Another day is done here in the field.

Upon watching the movie Avatar

Henri Nouwen on writing

The State of the Blog

Full Circle - May 13 2010, The Field

Sunday Morning

Wasn't that a party?

Out for Micahs birthday lunch.

Hey, United Kingdom

"Alfred, I see Birds."

I know you will think me crazy for this but...

Abiding Radio

Blessing the land

At least its moisture.

Today I returned a jacket to Old Navy

Prairie rain clouds.


A Picasso or a Garfunkel

Post lunch lull