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Breakfast with The Mayor

Change Sucks part 2

Change Sucks

On Calling and Hearing

All in a days work

Logan's back

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Well, it's her birthday again

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Guest Blogger: Lauralea

The Dentist has New Clothes

News for Gateway Covenant Church

just a word

Home again, safe and ...

Business done. Celebration begins.

It's About Time

This, is good.

Speaking of Dog River...

Well, tomorrow I'm off...

Ah, I needed this today!!

Anybody else remember this??

Upon the birth of a Son

Woo Hoo, we're not fat any more!!

Pope John Paul II

A beautiful spring day

A Culture of Chance

Oh really, you have a car shaped hole in your heart??

Important Notice

In other news

I think I'm ready for winter now

If this is Tuesday, it must be Prince Albert

Lark News, all the news that's misfit to print...

This is getting interesting, Pt.2