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Nice Day for a White Wedding

Yes, yes of course

I just realized, this summer it's different.

Holidays Delayed

I'm a pastor Jim, not a webdesignerguy!

Still livin in Lucky Strike-ville

IM, therefore I think

Dear Hillary

it's just me

"We must use this power for good"

The world is so small, where do you hide?

the power windows happy dance of joy!!

The family that blogs together...

Believing the Lie

Lauralea and I just went to see a movie

Alright, I confess

Today I went to Kinshasa, then Copenhagen,

Looking for my muse

Your Book of Days

I dunno...

It's hot here today

This morning I had a realization. Just a small obvious one mind you.

Lovely morning this morning comes to life

Well, I got alot done today

S l e e p

London Dave made it to work safely

It's not that I don't want to sleep...

Night falls on the prairies

Bit of navel gazing going on here, just move along if you don't like navels...

Graduation "Video"

Photo Story 3 for Windows

It's 1:15 am...

Some observations on Live 8

Got that gazebo/pergola thing painted today