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Public Announcement

Journeying Home

Wordpress 2.5

Sunday morning


Whom have you invited to church lately?

After 23 years I do believe Lauralea is getting the hang of this marriage thing.

N. T. Wright on how Heaven Is Not Our Home


Market Mall

Gibsons Fish

Virginia Woolf


Adele - Chasing Pavements

I, uh, slept through prayer time this morning...

And now, we are four.

More Pictures

What a day

The Last Night

Two more sleeps

Nearly here

SD, Internet, Sausage, and Hillary. Yes in that order.

and as I crawl into bed bone weary...


Hanging with the cool girl

Happy St. Paddy's to ya then

On how cool it is to be addressed as "Sir"

Palm Sunday

CBC continues it's bizarre behaviour

I need rescuing

My Editor may need an Editor

3.14 Happy Pi Day

Being Present. With Socks.

I'm going to be a bit late batt is dead...

How quickly a star falls from the sky

Alberta. You got your Brown and you got your Blue.

"You will find your solution where you least expect it."

Letters from the edge

Final Collect

Brad. The man I always go to with my Citrus questions.

I was going to write a great post but I forget what it was about.

This is India Calling

Henri Nouwen Thoughts on Prayer

no cancer

Hillary just called...

Not just another Beatles interpretation

The story of the man with such little faith, and an iPod

University of Glasgow Chapel