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Share a Prayer

So, what are you doing for New Years Eve?

I went to church today and didn't have to do anything work related.

We had a lovely family game of Monopoly tonight and I AM THE MOMOPOLY MASTER OF THE HOUSE!!

I have a zit on my right cheek that requires it's own area code.

Support Your Local Nurses


Back from the Big City

All Alone.

Christmas Eve

Nearly done

Taylor Caldwell on Christmas

Back at the office


yeah, I was at the mall

"Party a Success"

Welcome to our Open House

Just a heads up

Testing testing

Queen Elizabeth II, 21 April, 1926 - Whom God Preserve

You are cordially invited...

heading home

Dan Fogelberg ~ August 13, 1951 - December 16, 2007

Here's one for my friend Dixie


Now you too can bs like nobodies business

musicians rule.

A Christmas Reminder

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Keith Green's first television appearance at age 11

Eggnog. Not just for parties anymore

Remember this comercial?

oh, a BUNNY game

On how not to spend your night.

Tree is up. next stop Christmas.

Ho Ho Ho

Gently Falling Snow

Another night, another party

I may sound like a sea captain but

Tonight our small group will meet

Time for some Christmas Cheer

U.P.S. Doesn't turn Left

Simple Faith


The House is Silent now

A Public Service Announcement

Close only counts in hand grenades and Ang's exam results

Remember Summer?

If you're up at the Safeway this afternoon after 3 UPDATED

Blessed are the empty wombs

White Christmas

It's Monday, but Friday's coming



So, we went to a birthday party tonight


No BS this year!

Kitchen is done

white is accomplished

December 4th

Thank You Freakin BC.

Painting a masterpiece

Wee bit of a basket case are ye then?

Little Women