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Because sometimes a guy just needs a new set of threads

Deep thought #385

A good week.

Alrighty people I'm planning worship again this week

I'm not going gentle into that good night

A vision of loveliness

3:30 am and the birds are singing

Really Big TV

Canadian boy discovers a bacteria that eats plastic bags

You’ve Got to Be Kidding Me: Part 2

Sleep Pig

it make me CRAZY


Augustine of Hippo on scriptures

overheard at a coffee place at the next table by a 49 year old woman

Once upon a Thursday afternoon

week of reflection and prayer

Do a happy dance with me

Stat Holiday

You've Got to Be Kidding Me: UPDATED

Victoria Day

Movie anyone?

"You will soon witness a miracle"

Still at the office

The Grass and Sea and Sky

What was I thinking

Just Life

Just when they get fun to be around, they move away.


Micah turns 14

So tell me... what does church look like for you?

Odd body pains today

Evening benediction

Feels like

Curve Ahead

She's back

The week in review


Surfing from a Ubuntu live CD