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Sleeping Prayer

Earn extra cash at home

Keeping it interesting...

Eleven Years Ago Today

Hmm, Don't know if I like that

A funny thing happened on the way to the office...

My wife used to be hot...

Snow is SO overrated

Your basic difference between Toronto and Prince Albert

We're off to an Artist Reception

Burger anyone?

Abby Way Covenant Church

Johanna Update 2

How to make my day

how could such a thin piece of plastic make such a difference?

Johanna Update

Reason #3862 for why blogging is cool

What kinda church are you looking for?

Did I say bad day?

I do.

ebb and flow

Prince Albert Christmas Parade 2006

Candle in the wind - ow.

I'm off to do the morning service

Remembering Harry

To friends in Winnipeg...

I. am. home.

Things picking up nicely

A day to forget

God with us

It's snowing like crazy here

Now it's really Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas


It's Beginning To Sound A Lot Like Christmas


How about a prayer exchange?