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Dear Mr. Gormley,

Desiring God’s Will - David Benner

1 image = 1000 words

Leadership Trick #0003

Nouwen on Choosing Joy

Annual Meetings

Just a noise in my head.

I'm writing this from the church auditorium...


Hot time in the old town, next week. Maybe.

R.I.P Northern Lights

And now for something completely different

Happy Birthday Dad.

Well, this is a revolting turn of events...

Is That You God? Cultivating Discernment as a way of Life - Lois A. Lindbloom

How to know when I am getting sick.

the day had to come.

And it's snowing

Chicago Bears vs New Orleans Saints

oops, my bad.

All Online Radio, all the time

Simple Phone Etiquette to enhance your relationships

Mayor offers to help move wall

Gone Phishing

Hey anybody...

And then there are days like today

Some jobs are just made for two people

Did you ever...

Some days it feels like a dream

Staring at Brest

Just another Prairie Winter

100 things eh?

Aftermath: Updated

Little Mosque on the Prairie, Revisited

the b word :Updated, again.

Ester Buchholz on Solitude

Steve Jobs on Apple's future. Starting Today.

What would be on your list?

Oh Global Warming, why does't thou tarry?

Summer fun, in January

NFL Unbelieveable

One more step completed.

New year, new things

Akine Kramarik. Child Prodigy.

Can't afford to travel? to the rescue.

Little Mosque on the Prairie

Back to work

What to do

The color of money