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Happy Candy Day!!!

250,000 Rubber Bouncing Balls

Uh, Houston we have a problem....

Evening Prayers

Riding in cars with nerds

Let it S*** let it S*** let it S***

Nouwen on the Authority of Compassion

Grunt, grunt, grunt...

Wilma leaves these mennonites alone...

On Halloween. Should we, or shouldn't we?

Childproofing Church

Investing in this week

One of the best things about death...

"For Theirs Is The Kingdom" Part 2

And a special "Good Morning" ...

This SCTV moment for my brother, Jeff

"For Theirs is the Kingdom"

Website on the History of Prince Albert

Of failure and weakness. And quilts.

One of the prayers I've been carrying around this month

Calling all people within the sound of my voice...

The Story of Port

Taking a couple of days to pray

A beautiful Autumn evening on the Pergola anyone?

A most profitable day

Compline -evening prayer

Weyerhauser burning it's bridges. Updated.

Euthanasia only option with Katrina?

Ok, let's try the cute animal test

What kind of a peanut am I?

Good Thanksgiving

The colour of thankfulness

Decision making and the will of God

um yes, speaking of digital. Updated.

This is very weird...

What I learned on my time away

Thanks for playing along at home

Home. Again.

Let's have some fun shall we...

Four ways to know it's Autumn

Coolest use of the technology? It's Botswana Baby