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Family Vacation

a morning prayer

and... SNAP

prayer for a new year

My bookmarks for August 28th

Back from my summer vacation

it ain't easy being so pretty

Robyn's dog, Ruby

My bookmarks for August 26th

Painting the Kitchen

My bookmarks for August 25th

One last Saturday

My bookmarks for August 24th

Another Dragon Slain

4 days left

I don't know that we're making ground here.

chillin which is good because ...

Brie And Bread Cool

Homework Done

The House Guest has arrived

I have a confession to make that might totally blow my street cred.

Sitting At The Dentist With Mi...

Yes children, it is August 20th

A Summer’s Diary - David Wilbourne

What I learned during my summer vacation. Part 1.

Note to self

Riders 39 Eskimos 32

Come on Riders, let's get play...

The good ones go too soon

22 years done

She's Home.

At The Airport 3 Minutes Left ...

Off to the big city for golfin...

At home, watching some movie a...

Johanna comes home tomorrow and she's bringing presents!!!

Actually, I'm at the office wo...

Youth camping pics online

Off For Coffee With Lauralea

Craftsman, Creator

It's a good thing

A lovely way to start the week

Getting a shower in

a short review of worship this morning

Washing windows, changing ligh...

He said the "A" word

Software helps focus thoughts

Watching the Riders beat the A...

This is Beautiful

Star Eyed miraculous

Mmm samosas On Broadway

Off to the big city today. I t...

Zen and the art of mowing

Cards from little friends

Curriculum vitæ

Just enjoying some Shut your mouth stew

Many happy returns. What does that mean?

End with a blessing

Just a three hour tour...

"No more Squirrel roasting at Bible Camp"

No TSN? Don't worry.

Another summer lesson

The Bed

Sabbatical, one month in on an IPhone

Chicago Photography

Letting Go

Max Lucado on relationships